Useful and helpful information for the sailors | 07 Jul 18, piret.salmistu

In the article below you’ll find useful and helpful information:

·         The service of the logistics partner DSV;

·         Where to put the stickers on the hull;

·         The instructions how to use GPS Tracker;

·         We are looking for the doctor, nurse or anyone who could give first aid;

·         Helpful fast news straight to your phone with WhatsApp.

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    DSV truck will transport your stuff from Tallinn to Pärnu

Logistics Partners DSV and VOLVO Trucks Estonia will help to make your life easier and transport your stuff from one harbour to another - the same like previous two years.

You can send your stuff to Pärnu already since Tallinn.

DSV truck will be on the Kalev Yacht Club harbour on Sunday 9.00-12.00 and 18.00-21-00, and Monday 8.00-10.00

All participants can send their equipment what they don’t need on the water, from harbor to another in a special truck. Each bag shall be marked with a name tag (provided by the Organising Authority from the Race Office) with a bow number and a yacht’s name clearly written.

Flammable products are not allowed!

  • Where to put the stickers on the hull?

  • Check out the instructions how to use GPS Tracker

Instructions are available at ONB page at the website

  • Let the Race Office know if there’s a doctor, nurse or the person who can give Medial assistance - we might use their help (hope not).

  • Helpful fast news straight to your phone with WhatsApp

Regatta organizers would like you to receive the useful information as fast as possible including timings of the skippers meeting and prizegivings, official notices, results, protest limit times and other quick and helpful news.

A good solution for that is a WhatsApp group.

To join the group “Muhu Väina regatt”:

-         Download the app to your phone  – ANDROID  -   iPhone  - Windows Phone

-         We will add to this group the phone number, what you have been publishing on your entry form and the number being active while sailing.

-         To add any other phone number, please send an e-mail with this number and boat name to

NB! WhatsApp group is not an official, but helpful information channel complementing the Official Notice Board.