The one but last race has taken the Moonsund Regatta to Pärnu | 14 Jul 18, piret.salmistu

After a long and exhausting race that finished deep into the night, some relief was most welcome. The eleven-mile Dermoshop/Confido Kihnu - Pärnu race of the A. Le Coq 61st Moonsund Regatta was seen off at midday. The winners of the fast and short race were: Tegu (Vilnius, Lithuania), Adele (JK Baltsail), Lastochka (Orekhova harbour, Russia), Credit24 Reval Cafe (Kalev Yacht Club), Liliann (Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society), Wenna (Kalev Yacht Club) and Linda (Kalev Yacht Club).

As the race was quite short, the time limit set after the first in fleet was quite out of reach for some slower boats and many were unpleasantly surprised with DNF’s on their scoreboard. Another curiosity was that, despite the short distance, times between the first to finish and the runners up were quite considerable – from a minute and a half to five minutes.  

In ORC I Lithuanian boat Tegu with Jurgis Janulionise at the helm secured their first race win and they are fourth overall now. Also in ESTLYS II and ESTLYS III the winning teams enjoyed their first race wins this regatta: Liliann from Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society and Wenna from Kalev Yacht Club respectively. They both are also very close to podium places.

“We enjoyed today’s race very much,” said Tegu’s captain Jurgis Janulionis. “We opted to sail in the middle of the course, not head left or right and it was a good strategy.” This is the very first Moonsund Regatta for Oleg Egipte from Wenna and his first race win: “We had a good start, a bit of luck and here we are. We made less mistakes than others too.” Kristjan Männa from Liliann was happy to admit: “We like beating in light winds and we were in the right place at the right time. The conditions favoured us. Tacking was successful, and we had no technical problems.”

Before the very last race the competition is most fierce in Folkboot group where the boats race for the title of the Estonian Champion. Kalev Yacht Club boats Linda (Pertti Neero) and Lind (Tiit Riisalo) have an equal amount of points but Linda has one more race win. In two groups the leader is just two points ahead: in ORC II Jazz (Viljar Sepp, Kalev Yacht Club) is breathing down Adele’s neck (Aleksandr Karboinov, JK Baltsail) and in ESTLYS I Katarina Jee (Mart Tamm, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society) is ahead of Credit24 Reval Cafe (Eero Pank, Kalev Yacht Club). In ORC I Sugar 2 (Marjaliisa Umb, Pärnu Yacht Club) is three points ahead of Forte (Tammo Otsasoo, Kalev Yacht Club) and the same can be said about Tessa (Alar Ivanson, Kalev Yacht Club) who is chased by an all-girl team Equipe du Piloilleri (Anne-Mari Luik, ROPK/ Kalev Yacht Club). In ORC III Bailarina (Andrejs Buls, RSSC, Latvia) is enjoying a six-point lead and in ESTLYS III Liliann (Margus Beljakov, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society) has managed to sail eight points away from the runner up.

The last race of this regatta – Sportland Eesti / Helly Hansen short circle – will be held on Saturday, 14th of July, in Pärnu. The winners of the A. le Coq 61st Moonsund Regatta and the Estonian Champions in ORC III and Folkboot shall be celebrated in the evening in Pärnu Yacht Club.

Winners of the Dermoshop/Confido Kihnu - Pärnu race


1. TEGU LTU2235 Jurgis Janulionis, Vilnius Yacht Club

2. MINNI EST50 Andres Aavik, Kalev Yacht Club

3. FORTE EST 475 Tammo Otsasoo, Kalev Yacht Club



1. ADELE EST467 Aleksandr Karboinov, JK Baltsail

2. SILVA EST407 Urmas Salu, Kalev Yacht Club

3. MATILDA3 EST462 Koit Pauts, Haapsalu Yacht Club



1. LASTOCHKA RUS177 Aleskandr Evseev, Orekhova harbor

2. LEILA EST242 Priit Põldmaa, Kalev Yacht Club

3. BAILARINA LAT359 Andrejs Buls, RSSC



1. CREDIT24 REVAL CAFE EST703 Eero Pank, Kalev Yacht Club

2. TUULE EST408 Kristjan Mugra, Pärnu Yacht Club

3. LADY BIRD EST299 Johannes Puusepp, Pärnu Yacht Club



1. LILIANN EST396 Margus Beljakov, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society

2. EQUIPE DU PILOILLERI 3 Anne-Mai Luik, ROPK/ Kalev Yacht Club

3. TEMPER EST188 Harri Murd, Pärnu Yacht Club



1. WENNA EST698 Andrei Matvejev, Kalev Yacht Club

2. MERCURIUS EST 45 Margus Tasa, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society

3. KAIJA EST29 Annika Malva, Noblessneri purjetamiskool



1. LINDA EST42 Pertti Neero, Kalev Yacht Club

2. LIND EST32 Tiit Riisalo, Kalev Yacht Club

3. GRETA EST5 Martin Orav, Kalev Yacht Club