The A. Le Coq 62nd Moonsund regatta raced the last race and awarded the winners | 22 Jul 19, piret.salmistu

The A. Le Coq 62nd Moonsund Regatta crossed the finish line on Saturday. This traditional sailing event is the biggest of its kind in Estonia and it hosted 131 yachts from four countries - Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Russia. The regatta started on the 13th of July in Hiiumaa and sailed through Haapsalu, Kuivastu and Roomassaare to Pärnu where, after two final races, all winners were applauded and awarded.

The lack of wind postponed the last race for two hours but then all boats got the last chance to fight for their best result in the 10-mile circle.


In ORC I the competition was so tight that, in theory, anything was still possible. However, the overall leader Olympic from Dago Yacht Club with Tiit Vihul at the helm was determined to win and managed to hold on to their position, although the runner-up Postimees Sailing Team from their home club had an equal amount of points. Matilda 4 from Haapsalu Yacht Club was just one point behind them and came in third.


Tiit Vihul from Olympic said they came with the intention to win, like anyone else. “It was obvious from the very beginning that the race for the first podium place would be tight. Four boats were a tad better than the rest of the fleet but as the regatta progressed, three of them stayed in the competition for medals. Before the final race our main plan was to keep the Postimees Sailing Team behind us. I’m sure they were not happy about it, but we managed to achieve what we had set out to do. I’m not sure if we were so much better than the others – the first three yachts were separated by a mere two points. We just must have been lucky, I guess. We came to win, and we did win but it was not a sure thing as there were many very able teams.”


The ORC II also had to battle it out in the final race. The overall leader ahead of the last race, Aivar Tuulberg’s Katariina II from Pärnu Yacht Club, came in fourth only and their closest rival – Evelyn III from Saaremaa Marine Sports Society/Kalev Yacht Club – finished with an equal amount of points. Having finished ahead of them in the final race, Evelyn III grabbed the gold. My-Car from Kalev Yacht Club was third.


Kristen Pugi, skipper of Evelyn III was very surprised to hear the result. “Considering the competition in our group, we definitely did not have any ambition to win the regatta. We estimated we could race to be fifth or something. But the wind conditions favoured us and our crew worked well together. Especially our younger team-mates Keith Luur, Joosep Laus and Karl Lember. I have sailed this regatta for over 25 years, and it is the most important sailing event in Estonia. In the old days there were some 30 - 40 boats but look at us now - 130 yachts is a huge fleet. A very important event for Estonia.”


In ORC III the Moonsund regatta also qualified as Estonian Championships. The main race was between three Russian boats and the youngest crew of the regatta on board Lagle III from Haapsalu Yacht Club. However, Lagle III finished fourth overall and the three podium places were divided between three Russian yachts who have been participating in the event for 15 years already: Vasiili Alexeev’s Kvartet and Vasiili Bykov’s Bamby from St. Petersburg and Dmitry Mostovoy’s Prizrak from Moscow.


Vasiili Alexeev of s/y Kvartet expressed his gratitude for the hospitality, excellent regatta management and honest competition. “Every year there are more and more yachts from Russia here and the Moonsund regatta has become an excellent link between Russian and Estonian sailors.  The key to our success was proper planning and preparation and setup for any weather conditions. Also, our crew has sailed together for many years and we know each other very well. Maybe this was our competitive edge. The windless days and those with variable wind were the hardest but also the most challenging. Even when you see your competitors leave you behind and disappear behind the horizon, you must keep a level head, fight until the last moment and never give up!”


In ESTLYS 1 the group winner was a very experienced crew from Kalev Yacht Club on Merion X with Ain Pomerants at the helm, becoming the overall leader from the very first race. Mart Tamm’s Katarina Jee from Saaremaa Marine Sports Society was second and Latvian Extra Brut with Alexei Alexeev at the helm was third.

The Merion X crew was overjoyed and sang their theme song on the podium. Helmsman Ain Pomerants expressed their surprise: “I can’t even remember our last win here as we skipped the last season. Therefore, we are extremely happy!”


In ESTLYS 2 the final battle was between four boats. Two ancient rivals from Kalev Yacht Club – Alar Ivanson’s Tessa and Ain-Eke Jalasto’s Fanatic – both had race wins in the beginning of the regatta, but from thereon Tessa sailed themselves to better positions and managed to secure two more race wins. With this Tessa managed to win their third Moonsund regatta, leaving Centaur from Saaremaa Marine Sports Society second and the all-female crew Piloilleri 3 third.


Alar Ivanson from Tessa: “We aimed to be consistent and sail without making any stupid mistakes. We did our job and during the last race we nailed it with the race win. The most memorable races were the long windless ones, especially the gruelling Roomassaare - Pärnu leg and our 19th result that got discarded later. But all’s well that ends well. We are very pleased.”


In ESTLYS 3 the race was also tight but Black Bird from Haapsalu Yacht Club managed to sail themselves first. Skipper Tarmo Polli was extremely appreciative of his crew: “We won thanks to our crew and teamwork. We have sailed together for five years and understand each other without words. In sailing luck is also a factor and this year’s weather worked in our favour but still, the crew is most important!”

Lote from Saaremaa Marine Sports Society sailed to silver and Far-O-Zon from Kalev Yacht Club had to content themselves with bronze.  


For Folkboots the Moonsund regatta was a Championship event too. Among the ten boats Lind from Kalev Yacht Club was first and Vaiko Vooremaa became the third-time Estonian Champion. Linda from Kalev Yacht Club was second and Tee Chee third.


This year also Open 800 class yachts from Russia participated and held championship races. Andrei Nikandrov’s crew on Globus won the championship, leaving Ivan Tokarev’s Alaska second and Aleksandr Proniashkin’s Equator third.


Principal race Officer Andres Talts: “This is what offshore racing is about – being able to sail in any conditions. Also, it was a good decision to let ORC I and II sail the same course and start together. It was good for the contest and for benchmarking. Based on the feedback the regatta seems to have been a success!”  

I Olympic, EST463, jahtklubi Dago, kapten Tiit Vihul, Meelis Pielberg, Indrek Ulla, Marko Ollik, Raul Vane, Raul Grigorjev, Aivar Kaljumäe, Jana Kiik, Raul Vinnal, Gertrud Saage, Tanel Trööp, Joel Timm
II Postimees Sailing Team, EST850, Jahtklubi Dago, kapten Sven Nuutmann, Juss OJala, Kaarel Kruusmägi, Marek Harjak, Mairold Metsaviir, Rando Randmaa, Margus Nõmmik, Kristiina Truuverk, Karl Vahtra
III Matilda 4, EST112, Haapsalu Jahtklubi, kapten Koit Pauts, Arne Veske, Andrus Luht, Aso Koris, Joonas Kiisler, Maarjus Leppik, Taavi Eller, Erki Teras

I Evelyn III, EST477,
SMS/KJK, kapten Kristen Pugi, Keith Luur, Koit Leemet, Joosep Laus, Karl Orav, Marko Saarlaid, Koit Leemet, Indrek Nõlvak
II Katariina II, EST646, Pärnu Jahtklubi, kapten Aivar Tuulberg, Karl-Hannes Tagu, Kevin Grass, Henri Lepik, Kaspar Kikerpill, August Luure, Henri Tauts, Jaan Akermann
III My-Car, EST535, Kalevi Jahtklubi, kapten Harles Liiv. Ksenia Jemeljanova, Margus Reimann, Andrus Aavaste, Tõnis Luik, Riho Koost, Erki Maidre, Reio Mägi

I Kvartet, RUS297, Neva, kapten Vasily Alexeev, Mikhail Kubants, Anna Yakovleva, Vitalii Shabanov, Aleksei Gretsener
II Bamby, RUS1118, SPb RYC, kapten Vasiili Bykov, Vitaly Vovk, Natalija Vovk, Aleksandr Akopjan, Dmitry Rudenko
III Prizrak, RUS331, Vodnik, kapten Dmitry Mostovoy, Daniel Liburg, Anne Lenskaya, Vladimir Zagovkin

I Merion X, EST710, Kalevi Jahtklubi, kapten Ain Pomerants, Mart Vilgats, Heiki Tauts, Jaan Koppel, Ivar Valdmaa, Toomas Linamäe, Raivo Susi, Raivo Teigar, Sven Valdmaa
II Katarina Jee, EST464, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts, kapten Mart Tamm, Priit Riim, Tanel Peeters, Tanel Tamm, Madis Tamm, Urmas Pastarus, Risto Leedo, Andres Tamm
III Extra Brut, LAT577, Pilseta YC, kapten Alexei Alexeev, Anna Alexeeva, Erki Melts, Alfs Pampe, Agris Evaldsons, Oleg Budo, Aleksejs Jelins, Olaf Sumberg Rasmus Maalinn

I Tessa, EST324, Kalevi Jahtklubi, kapten Alar Ivanson, Aleksaner Ott, Karl Saluveer, Kaupo Kala, Kadri Sild, Meelis Mõtlik, Siim Tuksam, Markus Vihma

II Centaur, EST371, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts, kapten Risto Riim
III Piloilleri 3, FIN9004, Rein Ottosoni Purjespordikool, kapten Anne-Mari Luik, Brett Astrid Võmma, Birgit Orav, Juuli-Ann Tähiste, Kristin Karp, Kaija Kitnurm, Helena Luik

I Black Bird, EST574, Haapsalu Jahtklubi, kapten Tarmo Polli, Argo Ottens, Eleri Tänav, Kristjan Raid
II Lote, EST460, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts, kapten Rando Salu, Peeter Püüding, Riho Leppik, Daniel Rüütel

III Far-O-Zon, EST750, Kalevi Jahtklubi, kapten Maarja Kask, Neeme Külm, Janari Lage, Agur Kruusing

I Lind, EST32, Kalevi Jahtklubi, kapten Tiit Riisalo, Vaiko Vooemaa, Signe Riisalo
II Linda, EST42, Kalevi Jahtklubi, kapten Rimo Timm, Merlyn Valma, Pertti Neero
III Tee Chee, EST38, Kalevi Jahtklubi, kapten Peeter Välkmann, Enn Normak, Urmas Oja

Open 800
I Globus, RUS250, SPb RYC, kapten Andrei Nikandrov, Yury Troshin, Roman Varakushin, Alexander Shathanov
II Alaska, RUS298, MBU SC Primorsk, kapten Ivan Tokarev, Olga Rogaleva, Yury Malgin, Maria Azovtseva, Tatiana Krivoseeva
III Equator, RUS298, SPb RYC, kapten Aleksandr Proniashkin, Alexey Alexeev, Oleg Belousov, Olga Shinkarenko, Aleksey Golubev

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