Second day of the Moonsund regatta and the short circle race | 14 Jul 20, sigrid.kahar

This was the only short circle of the A. Le Coq 63rd Moonsund regatta this year. Five groups managed all three races, the results of which were combined into the final total.

The most stable team in ORC I was racing on a brand-new yacht Adelante from Kalev Yacht Club, skippered by Andrus Luht and with Viljar Sepp at the helm. Adelante won the first and third races and was second in the second race. This gave them the overall first place. Tiit Vihul brought Olympic (Yacht Club Dago) in second and Mihkel Koski and Matilda 4 (Kalev Yacht Club) were third.

Kind of Magic with Ilmari Absetz at the helm from Finland were the winners of the cruising division.

ORC II was victorious for Sugar from Pärnu Yacht Club, skippered by Marjaliisa Umb. They won all three races and the captain was pleased with both the course and the choice of sails. Katariina II under the leadership of Aivar Tuulberg from Pärnu Yacht Club and Amserv Toyota ST from Kalev Yacht Club, skippered by Margus Žuravljov, were second and third, respectively. The best boat in ORC II cruising division was Fanatic from Kalev Yacht Club with Ain-Eke Jalasto at the helm.

The all-girl team Piloilleri 3 (ROPK/Kalev Yacht Club) sailing under the firm hand of Anne-Mari Luik was the winner in ORC III. They managed to better their result with each race (4th, 3rd and 1st respectively). An interview with Anne-Mari Luik can be found here. Good tactics enabled them to leave two Pärnu Yacht Club boats behind them: Põhjatäht (skipper Tanel Kurs) and Port Artur (skipper Kristofer Ennok). Piloilleri 3 was also the best boat in cruising division.

Imre Marmor’s team on Vesileenu was victorious in ORC IV. Lagle III with Ülari Velviste at the helm from Haapsalu Yacht Club was second and Bella with skipper Hendrik Karilaid from Kalev Yacht Club.


Tiit Riisalo and folkboot W-Lind (Kalev Yacht Club) won all three races, making them overall leaders too. Castor from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts, skippered by Ott Kolk were second and Mikk Köösel brought Jonna from Kalev Yacht Club in third place. Best wooden folkboot was Greta from Kalev Yacht Club with Liise Köösel at the helm.

ORC I - Adelante EST113 (Kalevi Jahtklubi) - captain Andrus Luht, Viljar Sepp

ORC II - Sugar EST774 (Pärnu Jahtklubi) - captain Marjaliisa Umb

ORC III - Piloilleri III (ROPK/Kalevi Jahtklubi) - captain Anne-Mari Luik
ORC IV - Vesileenu EST157 (Kalevi Jahtklubi) - captain Imre Marmor
Folkboat W-Lind EST32 (Kalevi Jahtklubi) - captain Tiit Riisalo