Important information for the skippers from the Race Office | 05 Jul 17, piret.salmistu

1)     Rohuküla harbour 
Registration and Race Office are located in Haapsalu, Veskiviigi harbour. 

The boats staying in Rohuküla, no need to sail to Haapsalu for measurement.

The measurers will be checking the boats in Rouküla on Friday, July 7th since 4 pm and on Saturday according to the need.

To be informed which boats will stay in Rohuküla, please inform the Head of the Race Office, Krista Liiv at the registration or sending her an e-mail to


2)     Inspection list

Item 17: A lifebuoy with a self-igniting light and drogue is not mandatory (it won't be checked) but recommended. 

3)     The flag of Latvia and Identification document

Our regatta will finish in Riga and we will sail in Latvian waters. Please do not forget to hoist Latvian flag entering Latvian waters and have your passport or ID card with you just in case.


4)     The accuracy of the sea map between Kuivarahu and Rukkirahu.

Please be careful at the following coordinates:

B 58’53’52.64

Might be possible that there can be appear the objects with the smaller depth than on the map.



Best and see you soon!

Krista Liiv

Head of Race Office