Moonsund regatta racing around Abruka island | 18 Jul 19, piret.salmistu

Roomassaare harbour on Saaremaa island is hosting the A. Le Coq 62. Moonsund regatta and its 750 sailors on 131 boats for two days. The fourth race, circle around Abruka, was proud to have the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid as team member.

Also, S/Y Admiral Bellingshausen was launched to its expedition to Antarctica. The President said in her address: „I’m very proud to launch an expedition carrying a message that we have always been a seafaring nation and even discovered an entire continent.” The squadron accompanied the S/Y Admiral Bellingshausen in sunny weather in front of a huge crowd of well-wishers.

The race today was 13 – 20 miles. PRO Andres Talts on the race: “Like previously, the wind forecast was inaccurate. Approximately one hour after the start the wind disappeared and the last to come in had to fight for any gust at all. Behind the island the boats even had to wait for two hours. It was definitely hard for the boats and those who came in first were either extremely skilled or lucky.”

ORC I winner after five hours of racing was Tuule from Pärnu Yacht Club, leaving the overall leader Olympic from Yacht Club Dago second and Forte from Kalev Yacht Club third.


ORC II was dominated by Saaremaa sailors as Jazz and Evelyn III came in ahead of the others. Multiple Moonsund regatta winner Jazz (skipper Viljar Sepp) from Kalev Yacht Club beat Adele from Yacht Club Baltsail by 40 seconds. Evelyn III from Saaremaa Marine Sports Society was third.


Viljar Sepp said Abruka circle had always been a complicated race. “You know, if you sail close to shore, you get some wind once you get out from behind the island. You could see that all boats who had sailed away met at the first mark as there was no wind and had to basically start again to sum up, the race was complicated requiring patience and a positive state of mind.”

Here are the top three of the HIIUMAA SADAMAD Abruka circle by group:


I Tuule, EST408, Pärnu Yacht Club, skipper Mati Sepp

II Olympic, EST463, Yacht Club Dago, skipper Tiit Vihul

III Forte, EST475, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Tammo Otsasoo

I Jazz, EST465, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Viljar Sepp

II Adele, EST467, Yacht Club Baltsail, skipper Aleksandr Karboinov
III Evelyn III, EST477, SMS/KJK, skipper Kristen Pugi
I Kvartet, RUS297, Neva, skipper Vasilii Alekseev

II Prizrak, RUS331, Vodnik, skipper Dmitry Mostovoy

III Bamby, RUS1117, SPb RYC, skipper Vasiili Bykov

I Extra Brut, LAT577, Pilseta YC, skipper Alexei Alexeev

II Project A1, LAT424, Usma, skipper Janis Norde

III Merion X, EST710, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Ain Pomerants

I Liliann, EST396, Saaremaa Marine Sports Society, skipper Margus Beljakov

II Tessa, EST324, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Alar Ivanson

III Nora Lii, EST345, Pärnu Yacht Club, skipper Ülar Jänes

I Black Bird, EST574, Haapsalu Yacht Club, skipper Tarmo Polli

II Lote, EST460, Saaremaa Marine Sports Society skipper Rando Salu
III Astrid, EST983, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Oleg Egipte

I Lind, EST32, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Tiit Riisalo
II Tee Chee, EST38, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Peeter Välkmann
III Linda, EST42, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Rimo Timm
Open 800
I Globus, RUS250, SPb RYC, skipper Andrei Nikandrov
II Alaska, RUS298, MBU SC Primorsk, skipper Ivan Tokarev

III Equator, RUS2248, SPb RYC, skipper Aleksandr Proniashkin

All results are here and gallery here

Thursday will bring the longest day of the regatta: a race from Roomassaare to Pärnu.

A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta is organized by Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club in cooperation with the Estonian Yachting Union.

Sponsors of the Moonsund Regatta are: A. Le Coq, Pro Marine Trade, Haapsalu municipality, LoodusInvest, PR Foods/Heimon Kala, Hiiumaa Sadamad, Santa Maria, Silmalaser, Essilor, Alter Marine, M.V Wool, Rahva Raamat, Alexela, Sportland / Helly Hansen, DSV, Volvo, Amserv, Hiiumaa rural municipality government, Muhu rural municipality government, Saaremaa rural municipality government and Pärnu municipality.

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