ImPORTANT INFORMATION before regatta! | 04 Jul 22, triin.tallmeister

Check-list  is everything done?

1.    Enter the crew list online - the crew list in manage2sail must be completed before the skipper or the person in charge comes to Race Office on July 9 to register the boat to the regatta. Please note - if there is a need to change the number of crew members, please contact the Race Office by e-mail

2.    Have you paid the fee? Instructions here 

3.    Fill out all other documents for the registration, you can find them on the ONB in Manage2Sail. Have you sent all the documents mentioned in NoR to the

4.    Make sure you have a valid third party liability insurance by covering a minimum of €500 000. There is a offer from our insurance partner ERGO on the ONB and the possibility to fill in the application for it on our website (we appreciate you paying it before the start of the regatta).

5.    Boats displaying their personal advertising shall have the Advertising Certificate required by their National Authority.

6.    Make yourself familiar with GPS tracking instructions on the official notice board. You need a switched on mobile phone with installed app tracking at all times of the competition.

NB! IMPORTANT! All yachts arriving to Haapsalu!

We have 3 OFFICIAL REGATTA HARBOURS Westmeri, Grand Holm Marina and Veskiviigi

When arriving please contact Harbourmaster
Phone: +372 56 52887 and he will assist you further

Sportity for fast information

For the second year in the row we are happy to use Sportity app for the communication during the regatta – just download the app from App Store and Google Play. You do not need to enter any of your personal information, just the regatta password mv2022.
The app will send push notifications if the Race Committee has posted anything!


Race Office is open at 9-19 on Saturday, July 9 - we appreciate if you bring a bucket from your boat to the registration. It's easier for you to bring all the things recieved at the registration to your boat with a bucket and we will not have to use a plastic bag.
The Race Office contacts: and ph +372 553 1347.