Ideal sailing weather in Pärnu for the first race of A. Le Coq 63rd Moonsund Regatta | 13 Jul 20, sigrid.kahar

The first race of the A. Le Coq 63rd Moonsund regatta took 108 boats on the 42-mile circle on Pärnu Bay. The sea was much calmer than on the previous day and both the management team and sailors enjoyed ideal sailing weather – windy, warm and sunny.

Principal race officer Jüri Sõber was incredibly happy: “Excellent race! The first race was designed to be so long on purpose because we wanted to give everyone a taste of the regatta. Weather gods have also given us their blessing, it seems.”

The winner of ORC I was Forte from Kalev Yacht Club, captained by Jaak Jõgi. Sven Nuutmann and Postimees Sailing Team from Yacht Club Dago were second by mere 40 seconds. Both teams were happy with their performance, albeit it was just the beginning of a long stretch. The teams prepare thoroughly for each season and according to Jaak Jõgi Moonsund always gives a good indication of how the competition has geared up. Matilda 4 and Mihkel Kosk from Kalev Yacht Club came in third.

The fastest boat in ORC II was Amserv Toyota ST from Kalev Yacht Club, skippered by Margus Žuravljov. My-Car under captain Harles Liiv from Kalev Yacht Club and Sugar from Pärnu Yacht Club, skippered by Marjaliisa Umb, were second and third respectively, separated by two seconds only.  

ORC III was dominated by Port Artur and Kaarel Maide team from Pärnu Yacht Club who were “playing on the home field”. However, they will have to keep a keen eye on Piloilleri 3 (ROPK/KJK) captained by Anne-Mari Luik, who came in second. Celia and Rauno Pielberg’s team from Yacht Club Dago were third.

Lagle III from Haapsalu Yacht Club was victorious in ORC IV despite some minor glitches. Their captain Ülari Velviste was happy with teamwork, good tactics, and ideal winds. In the teeth of some sticky seaweed they outperformed Julechka and skipper Joel Kõiv from Toila Yacht Club and Imre Marmor’s Vesileenu from Kalev Yacht Club, second and third, respectively.

The first race in Folkboot class racing for the championship title was good for W-Lind (Kalev Yacht Club), skipper Tiit Riisalo, who came in first. Bacchus (Dago Yacht Club), skipper Olev Oolup, was second and TeeChee (Kalev Yacht Club), skipper Peeter Välkmann, third.


The results of Pro Marine Trade Pärnu circle:

1. koht – Forte, Jaak Jõgi, Kalevi JK
2. koht – Postimees Sailing Team, Sven Nuutmann, JK Dago
​3. koht – Matilda 4, Mihkel Kosk, Kalevi JK

1. koht – Amserv Toyota ST, Margus Zuravljov, Kalevi JK
2. koht – My-Car, Harles Liiv, Kalevi JK
3.koht – Sugar, Marjaliisa Umb, Pärnu JK

1. koht – Port Artur, Kaarel Maide, Pärnu JK
2. koht – Piloilleri III, Anne-Mari Luik, ROPK/Kalevi JK
3. koht – Celia, Rauno Pielberg, Dago JK

1. koht – Lagle III, Ülari Velviste, Haapsalu JK
2. koht – Julechka, Joel Kõiv, Toila JK
3. koht – Vesileenu, Imre Marmor, Kalevi JK

1. koht – W-Lind, Tiit Riisalo, Kalevi JK
2. koht – Bacchus, Olev Oolup, Dago
3. koht – Tee Chee, Peeter Välkmann, Kalevi JK

Kõik tulemused on nähtavad siin :

ORC I  winner- Forte EST475 (Kalevi Jahtklubi), captain Jaak Jõgi. Photo: Piret Salmistu

ORC II winner Amserv Toyota ST (Kalevi Jahtklubi), captain Margus Zuravljov. Photo: Piret Salmistu

ORC III winner Port Artur EST31 (Pärnu Jahtklubi), Kaarel Maide at helm. Photo: Tiit Lepp

ORC IV winner Lagle III EST554 (Haapsalu Jahtklubi), captain Ülari Velvistega. Photo: Piret Salmistu

Folkboot winner W-Lind EST32 (Kalevi Jahtklubi), captain Tiit Riisalo. Photo: Piret Samistu