Go Bus offers a ride Tallinn-Pärnu-Riga-Pärnu-Tallinn on July 15 | 29 Jun 17, piret.salmistu

In co-operation with Go Bus the organisers are offering the option to drive from Tallinn (with a stop in Pärnu) to Riga to be there for the celebrations in Riga on Saturday, July 15 and back to Estonia the same evening for those who are not planning to sail back home.
Two big buses (in total of 79 seats) will bring you to Riga and back to Estonia on Saturday, July 15.

7:00 Departure from Tallinn, Kalev Yacht Club' parking lot
~7:15-7:20 Stop in Laagri Circle K/Statoil bus stop
In case there are need for a stop in Pärnu, please let the organisers know at piret.salmistu@gmail.com on July 12th at the latest. We will agree on that with the bus driver and the ones who would like to step in there.

19:00  Departure from the regatta village in Riga

Ticket price 10EUR one way.
Tickets can be purchased in cash stepping into the bus.