A. Le Coq 64th Moonsund Regatta – Ruhnu circle | 13 Jul 21, piret.salmistu

The A. Le Coq 64th Moonsund regatta has held three races. By Monday late night the fleet reached Ruhnu after a 50-mile offshore race and today saw the 115 boats racing around the Ruhnu island. The start was given later than planned, just after midday. The wind conditions were tricky, although the weather being surprisingly tropical. winners are Adelante, Sugar, Celia, Black Bird and Muinasjutukuningas.

According to Andrus Luht, captain of ORC I winner Adelante from Kalev Yacht Club, successful were those to faster choose the right side. “An excellent day where gentlemen could enjoy their dearest pastime – sailing – in shorts and barefoot. This was done with dedication and passion. The day was wonderful – a combination of luck and choice of side. Both sides were lucky but successful were those who caught luck faster,” added captain Luht.

Interview with Andrus Luht can be found here https://fb.watch/v/1fZXzYKnt/


One minute and 48 seconds later came in the group overall leader Matilda 4 from Yacht Club Dago with helmsman Joachim Aschenbrenner and tactician Juss Ojala. Third was Forte from Kalev Yacht Club under Jaak Jõgi’s leadership.

ORC I best Cruiser division team was Hando Sutter’s on Berta from Kalev Yacht Club. 

In ORC II the fastest today was Sugar with Marjaliisa Umb at the helm from Pärnu Yacht Club. They have won three races and have therefore managed to become group leaders also. According to Marjaliisa the start was quite complicated but the race on the whole was a lot of fun. Aivar Tuulberg’s team on Katariina II was two minutes and 15 seconds behind them and came in second. Third position belongs to Amserv Toyota ST and Margus Zuravljov’s team from Kalev Yacht Club.

Interview with Marjaliisa Umb: https://fb.watch/v/28o5WC6HM/

This group’s fastest Cruiser division yacht was Nora Lii with Ülar Jänes at the helm from Pärnu Yacht Club.


In ORC III Celia from Yacht Club Dago, captained by Rauno Pileberg, outdid its competition. They were almost two minutes faster than Liliann and Margus Beljakov from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts. Vanishing Point and Meelis Kose from Pärnu Yacht Club team were third. The overall leader in this group is Vasilii Alekseev’s Kvartet from St. Peterburg who was just behind them.


Tarmo Polli and Black Bird from Haapsalu Yacht Club got their second race win and are the overall leaders in group ORC IV. Just two minutes behind them was Vesileenu with Imre Marmor at the helm from Kalev Yacht Club, leaving Kira OIXIO Sailing Team captained by Tauno Telvik third.


Folkboot winner was Muinasjutukuningas (Kalev Yacht Club) with Argo Vooremaa at the helm. Mere 36 seconds behind them was Pertti Neero on Linda from Kalev Yacht Club and Olev Oolup’s team on Bacchus was third.

This class overall leader at the moment is W-Lind from Kalevi Yacht Club. The best wooden folkboot is Greta with Liise Köösel at the helm from Kalev Yacht Club.


Wednesday’s 40-50 mile race takes the fleet to Kõiguste, Saaremaa.



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A. Le Coq 64. Moonsund Regatta is organised by Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club in cooperation with Estonian Yachting Union.

The sponsors of the regatta are A. Le Coq, Sportland, DSV Estonia, Volvo Trucks Estonia, Amserv/Toyota, Alexela, Pro Marine Trade, Alter Marine, Tactical Foodpack, Loodus Invest, Heimon Kala, Hiiumaa parish, Hiiumaa Sadamad, Santa Maria, Rahva Raamat, City of Pärnu, Sportity, Päästeliit (The Rescue Association), Postimees