A. Le Coq 64th Moonsund Regatta 2021 – brisk winds took the fleet from Pärnu to Ruhnu | 12 Jul 21, piret.salmistu

Monday morning welcomed the fleet with warm weather but very light winds, which made the plans to reach Ruhnu by nightfall dubious. However, by afternoon there was enough breeze to take the first yachts to their destination by 8 while the last teams arrived just before midnight. Matilda 4, Sugar, Pinta, Black Bird and W-Lind are the winners of their respective groups.

Tactical Foodpack Pärnu-Ruhnu leg - photo ©JanisSpurdzins.com

ORC I winner is Matilda 4 from Yacht Club Dago with Joachim Aschenbrenner from Denmark at the helm and Juss Ojala as the tactician. With seven hours, 32 minutes and 48 seconds they arrived at 19:32 and beat Credit24 Sailing and Eero Pank’s team from Kalev Yacht Club with just one minute and 10 seconds. Two minutes and 53 second behind the winner was Berta with Hando Sutter at the helm from Kalev Yacht Club who was also the fastest in the Cruiser group.


According to Joachim Aschenbrenner, helmsman on Matilda 4, the first four hours were hard: „We had a good start, came well to the top mark but everything stopped from there ... We had a fair bit of catching up to do but then managed to have a comeback. I’m very pleased with our strategy, teamwork, and speed. The team fought hard for every second and secured the result…it feels like a new Mediterranean here recently. It’s super nice to be sailing up here ... it’s no secret the World’s is coming up and the offshore races here are a good opportunity to get a lot of hours on the boat and test a few different things.” Matilda 4 is the current leader in ORC I.

In ORC II, Sugar with Marjaliisa Umb at the helm from Pärnu Yacht Club is continuing its winning streak. With just four minutes behind the winner, Amserv Toyota ST from Kalev Yacht Club came in second under the leadership of Margus Zuravljov. Aivar Tuulberg’s team on Katariina II from Pärnu Yacht Club was third.

The fastest in cruiser division was Jaan Tiidemann’s team on Mia from Kalev Yacht Club.

Sugar - Tactical Foodpack Pärnu-Ruhnu leg - photo ©JanisSpurdzins.com


In ORC III, Pinta from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts with Guido Grass at the helm was eight and half minutes faster than Calena and Rauno Pielberg’s team from Yacht Club Dago.   Kvartet from St Peterburg with Vasilii Alekseev’s team were third. The current overall leader of the group is Pinta, Kvartet second.

Vasilii Alekseev, captain of Kvartet, is racing the Moonsund Regatta for the eighteenth time already: “We had a tricky start but still managed to get ahead. Our main competitor for sure is Pinta and only time will tell if we have enough lead.”

ORC IV winner with nine and half hours was Black Bird from Haapsalu Yacht Club captained by Tarmo Polli. Ülar Mark who is sailing solo on Elukas from Kalev Yacht Club, came three minutes behind them and Julechka from Toila Yacht Club captained by Joel Kõiv was third, barely two seconds behind him. The current overall winner of the group is Black Bird.

The winner in Folkboot class, racing for the championship title, is Vaiko Vooremaa on W-Lind, who is also the current overall leader. Three and half minutes behind him was Muinasjutukuningas, captained by his son Argo Vooremaa. Mikk Köösel on Jonna is third. All boats are from Kalev Yacht Club.


The award ceremonies for the yesterday’s Tactical Foodpack Pärnu-Ruhnu leg and the today’s Loodus Invest 16-mile circle around Ruhnu island will be held today.


Today’s regatta beach party offers catering, indian and finnish saunas, fine coctails, fire eaters and music by “Dj Ruhnu banaanisööja”.  


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A. Le Coq 64. Moonsund Regatta is organised by Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club in cooperation with Estonian Yachting Union.

The sponsors of the regatta are A. Le Coq, Sportland, DSV Estonia, Volvo Trucks Estonia, Amserv/Toyota, Alexela, Pro Marine Trade, Alter Marine, Tactical Foodpack, Loodus Invest, Heimon Kala, Hiiumaa parish, Hiiumaa Sadamad, Santa Maria, Rahva Raamat, City of Pärnu, Sportity, Päästeliit (The Rescue Association), Postimees