A. Le Coq 65th Moonsund Regatta will take place place in July 09-16 2022 on the distance:

July 09

Registration and measurement at Pärnu Yacht Club marina

19:00 Opening ceremony

July 10
1st leg - Haapsalu Kõiguste leg

July 11
2nd leg - Kõiguste circle

July 12

3rd leg - Kõiguste - Kihnu leg

July 13
4th leg - Kihnu circle

July 14
5th leg - Kihnu Pärnu leg

July 15
6th leg - Pärnu inshore races

July 16

7th leg - Pärnu circle

Award ceremony

Official Notice Board

The Official Notice Board is not at the Race Office, but at the  Manage2Sail  website. You can find the official information of the regatta here.

Sportity for fast information

For the second year in the row we are happy to use Sportity app for the communication during the regatta – just download the app from App Store and Google Play. You do not need to enter any of your personal information, just the regatta password mv2022.
The app will send push notifications if the Race Committee has posted anything!

Regatta truck

Our logistics sponsors DSV Estonia AS and Volvo Trucks Estonia will make your life much easier!
A truck covered with Moonsund Regatta design will transport all your stuff from one marina to the next and without any charge.


Boats will be using their mobile phones for tracking - the manual for the setup you can find on regatta's Official Notice Board.

We kindly ask all boats to test the tracking on Saturday, July 10, at latest. If all settings are correct in the app and the ID is the sail number without the space between letters and numbers, you can see your boat as a dot on this testing website here https://sportrec.eu/ui/#1gdp6es The position will not be saved and the dot marking your boat will disapear in 5 minutes after you log out of the app. 

In case of any questions we recommend you to contact Sportrec representative Tõnis Erm directly: ph +372 
5666 9977, tonis@sportrec.eu He will be present at the Race Office on Saturday, July 10.