Regatta Schedule and Events in the Marinas

Saturday, July 11
Registration, Measurement and Equipment Check in Pärnu Yacht Club
19:00Opening Ceremony
Pärnu Yacht Club - Special Regatta Menu
Sunday, July 12
12.001st leg -  Pärnu inshore races
  Pärnu Yacht Club - Special Regatta Menu
Monday, July 13
10.002nd leg - Pärnu - Ruhnu

Tuesday, July 164
10.003rd leg - Ruhnu ring of free day

Wednesday, July 15
10.004th leg -  Ruhnu - Kärdla

Thursday, July 16
12.00 5th leg - Kärdla circle or free day
  Regatta Dinner in Roomassaare - with tickets to be purchased at the registration

 Friday, July 17
12.006th leg - Kärdla - Tallinn
Saturday, July 18
10.007th leg -  Tallinn circle

Prizegiving and Closing Ceremony
As soon as practical after the racing, but not later than 16.00

A. Le Coq 63. Muhu Väina regati lõpetamine ja 2020. aasta regati ühispilt!
Kutsume kõiki purjetajaid ühispildi peale, et jäädvustada 2020. aasta meeskonnad!


* The First Warning Signal of the leg
* The organisers reserve the rights to amend the program
* The prizegivings of each leg will take place as soon as possible after every leg in respective harbours